Staff advocated for developer

Reader Input
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On June 28 the (Placer County) Planning Commission approved The Orchard at Penryn (150 apartments on Penryn Road), one of five agenda items. The commissioners had three workdays to read and understand 1,200-plus pages of detailed information (with numerous clear examples of Community Plan violations and EIR inadequacies) in order to make an informed decision. Some critical material wasn’t received until the morning of the hearing! County staff brushed off examples of plan violations and EIR inadequacies, assuring commissioners the project complies with the plan and the EIR is adequate. Two of the commissioners “got it” and voted against the project citing plan violations and EIR problems. Three commissioners apparently took the staff’s word and voted for the project, likely lacking the time to understand everything for themselves. The staff, having worked with the developer five-plus years to create a “good” project, became advocates for it. The EIR reviewed but dismissed less dense alternatives because they don’t meet the project’s objectives or developer’s profit goal. Wait a minute! The developer created those goals for their own benefit, including the requirement for 150 residences! What kind of “funny” logic is that? This project is being appealed to the board of supervisors because it violates the Community Plan, has many EIR problems, and will permanently damage the rural/small town lifestyle we enjoy in Penryn and Loomis. Gordon Robbins, Penryn