Stance anti-First Amendment

Reader Input
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In 1934, Cordell Hull, Franklin Roosevelt’s secretary of state, informed Germany’s minister of foreign affairs that “it is well known that the free exercise of religion is not only guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to its citizens, but is a belief deep-seated in the political consciousness of the American people.” Our current president would, if he could, violate their basic freedom, embodied in the First Amendment, by forcing the Catholic Church — as columnist Kathleen Parker put it — “to forfeit its most fundamental beliefs or face prohibitive penalties” if Catholic universities, and hospitals, do not cover contraceptives in their insurance plans. This could include abortifacient drugs. The issue is not in women’s rights, as liberals would spin it. Women can obtain advice and contraceptives from Planned Parenthood and elsewhere. It is, clearly, a First Amendment violation, pure and simple, for all those who understand the English language. What part of the First Amendment does our transformer-in-chief not understand? BILL HARDER, SR., Auburn