Stanch the flow of dirty oil

Reader Input
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For a week now, activists against the Tar Sands Pipeline have demonstrated their civil disobedience in front of the White House in D.C. (Journal, Aug. 29). As a Democrat, I am keenly aware that President Obama is about to make a decision which can make or break his re-election. The same interests behind Prop. 23 in California are at work getting the Keystone XL Pipeline up and running. The Oil Change International reports on Aug. 27, “As of today, 381 brave activists have been arrested protesting against a planned new tar sands pipeline. In the proudest and best traditions of peaceful civil disobedience, these activists are bearing witness and exposing the influence of the oil industry on our government.” The answer to our energy problem cannot possibly be the extension of the dirtiest oil on the continent. I urge each and every reader to use the Google function and search out the pictures of these “oil fields” in Canada. Dirty oil is not the answer to our problems. Neither is a pipeline running north to south in the eastern United States. Ask yourself, where will this oil be going? Suzy Forwood, Auburn