Stan's man of the hour at Arts Building

Padilla's mid-career retrospective opens today in Auburn
By: Loryll Nicolaisen, Journal features editor
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Art isn’t about pretty pictures for Stan Padilla. The Arts Building’s most senior artist-in-residence has big plans for his pieces, offering a modern take on ancient beliefs and cultures. “What I’ve tried to do is create a fusion between the arts, spirituality, psychology, mythology,” he said. “The ideas are as important as the artwork.” “Altered States: Paintings of Beauty, Power, and Grace,” Padilla’s mid-career retrospective, opens today and continues through April 2 at the Arts Building Gallery. “Altered States” is a collection of more than 20 large-scale paintings and altars representative of Padilla’s most mature work. Padilla has tried to create a temple-like environment for the show, and has placed poems, quotations and statements throughout the gallery to complement his creations. “It’s beautiful and fitting that The Arts Building should host Stan’s retrospective,” said Angela Tahti, PlacerArts executive director. “We are so fortunate to have this master artist and teacher living and leading in our community. He is a living treasure.” Padilla’s show draws from more than 20 years of creation. “It’s a wide spectrum to represent my most mature work,” he said. “These I feel are my heritage pieces.” The show also reflects a global mindset — cultural exchange projects have taken Padilla all over the world, everywhere from Mexico and Nicaragua to, most recently, India. “I see my art a little bit like world music,” he said. “I like to mix and draw from every culture.” Padilla is also a longtime educator currently serving as a cultural arts teacher and mentor at the United Auburn Indian Community Tribal School. He has planned a series of events throughout the show’s duration as a way for the community to further connect with his pieces and what he hopes they convey. “My greatest hope would be that people find inspiration, empowerment,” Padilla said. __________ Altered States All events begin at 7 p.m. at the Arts Building Gallery, 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn. What: Artist’s reception When: Saturday What: “Consciousness, Healing and Art” When: March 4 What: Art talk with Stan Padilla’s children Mountain Lion Padilla and Nalii Delap When: March 11 What: “India 2010 — An Artist’s Journey” When: March 18 What: “Sanctuary — An Artist’s Dream and Reality” with Trenton Koch When: March 25 What: Dinner benefit presented by Nava Koch, Stan Padilla’s daughter When: April 2