State can’t afford ‘footsie’

Reader Input
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California is nearing bankruptcy. We can’t afford special interests, massive social spending, pork and perks. It’s high time a grassroots organization stepped up and introduced a financial proposition. When the state budget’s in deficit or the budget isn’t passed on time, the Senate and Assembly’s salaries simply stop! Legislators and staffers are required to turn in state-issued cars and credit cards. No legislator per diem. No expense money. No state monies paid out to legislators, staffers or their agents. Plus no retroactive pay when they do pass a budget! Violation of these conditions by a legislator, staffer or other person should be a felony subject to imprisonment. (Legislators will then be in a much better position to evaluate the danger level presented by those in California’s prisons!) We might even get regular citizens in government, people who have no interest in playing footsie with special interests. Government by the people, for the people. What a novel concept! Rocky Warren, Colfax