State may slash school bus funds

Reader Input
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It was uplifting to read recent articles in the Auburn Journal about community members providing much-needed financial support for sports teams at Placer High School. May I suggest that the Journal now report on a serious situation that could impact public school students of all ages. The 2011-2012 state budget contains a trigger that would cut funding for all school bus operations from January through June 2012 if tax revenues fail to meet target levels. Currently, it appears that tax revenues will likely fall short of the required level and, as such, state funding for school bus transportation is in jeopardy. Parents who think that their school district does not need state funds for school busses because they purchase a bus pass each year may be mistaken. In a school newsletter, Fred Adam, superintendent of the Placer Hills Union School District, indicated that PHUSD has funds available to cover transportation costs for the remainder of this school year. However, after that, even if PHUSD were to triple the cost of a bus pass (currently set at $120 per year), PHUSD would not be able to provide bus transportation without state funding. The Journal would be providing a great service to parents by reporting on how school districts would be impacted. And I invite anyone who shares my concerns to contact Gov. (Jerry) Brown, as well as their assemblyperson and senator. Linda Cramer, Meadow Vista