State needs help to cut spending

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Here’s a positive spin on our state’s issues. Any observant adult living in California for long enough and dealing with our “special” rules must know there are an incredible amount of redundant and ridiculous rules. How about giving awards to people who submit ideas that save our state money? The incumbents vote on the same old issues over and over. I’m sure lots of people see waste! A worthwhile award may save us millions every year. One idea would be for the Department of Motor Vehicles to accept credit cards. Less total money (because of credit issuers’ fees) would be better than none. At this point in our state’s financial situation, any state agency should take whatever they can get. Cutting programs from the disabled instead of assistance for the illegal aliens is ridiculous. How about cutting education, medical, foodstamps and all other programs from the illegal aliens and instead take care of the people who have worked all their lives or are born here. The newly poor are the ones who need the help. So donate your ideas, your money and your time and get California back on track. Shawn Weaver, Foresthill