State needs tax extension

Reader Input
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The Legislature and governor need to reach an agreement and act soon on the governor’s January budget proposal to put an extension of the temporary revenues on the June ballot. The governor has proposed a spending plan for 2011-2012 that closes the state’s deficit with $12.5 billion in spending reductions and $12 billion in revenue solutions, including an extension of existing temporary revenues. The governor’s asking the Legislature to put the revenue extension before the voters in June. This requires a two-thirds vote in both the Assembly and Senate. A vote to extend temporary revenues will help prevent the need for further cuts to schools and students. The legislator analyst has prepared a budget scenario showing that, without this extension, K-12 funding could be cut $4 billion or about $800 per student. Please ask the legislators to support a revenue package to be placed on the June ballot to help protect schools from deeper cuts. Susan Goto, governmental relations chair CSBA, Region 4, Roseville