State Parks needs to cut costs intelligently

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Re Scott Liske’s reply to my “Keep parks fees as they were” letter Scott, thank you for appropriately directing my “outrage” to the State Parks (, sorry Mike Lynch. Scott, from your letter I can tell that you are passionate about your job. I’ve also seen you on one of the trails making law enforcement visible, doing cleanup, and being courteous to trail users. I’m glad you work for the parks. The State Parks Dept. appears to be trying an end-run (by charging day-use fees) around the state budget cuts put in place by our elected officials. Until the budget is increased, I would like the State Parks to look for ways to cut costs. I don’t pretend to know enough to decide how costs should be better managed but I’ve seen evidence of inefficiency that costs us all. I was one of maybe 25 volunteers assembled to do trail maintenance while the ranger explained how to appropriately trim back brush so that dangerous sharp stubs are not created. I was also in agreement with this ranger’s disgust as he went on to explain that his department produced a half inch thick document (the ranger showed it) planning for this few hours of brush pruning that we were to do. Another example of fiscal waste is state employees maintaining an “outhouse” type restroom at the Auburn Overlook trailhead that’s only maybe 150 feet from a permanent public restroom at the Auburn skate park. May be this outhouse should be closed or removed as an example. State Parks, please make intelligent cuts to stay within budget. Fellow trail users, please step up efforts to leave the parks cleaner than you found it. Thank you and excuse me as I step out to remove a couple of old tires that I spotted just off the trail. Gordon Frazier, Auburn