State showed wisdom at polls

Reader Input
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Re: “Voters did not rise to occasion,” Robert Moggridge, (Reader Input, Nov. 5): California elected Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer because they were the best choices. Jerry Brown is not a career politician but instead a career public servant who has dedicated his entire life to bettering California. Like it or not, the majority rules in California as well as the country. Many of us would ask Mr. Moggridge’s question differently, i.e., “What is wrong with the rest of the country?” The reason California didn’t vote with the crowd is that most of us didn’t succumb to the hysteria created by Fox News and the tea party. More Californians voted with their minds, not their emotions. California may not march in lock-step with the rest of the country, but the rest of the country seems way out-of-step with the civilized world. J. Steve Bennett, Newcastle