Steering clear of deer hunt

Reader Input
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An educated public generally agrees that human intervention to reduce the numbers of deer in a given area should not be considered unless there is clear, scientific evidence that such population in rural/urban Placer County is or will become overpopulated by deer and clear harm will result to the deer, other species, human food supplies or human health, if action is not taken. If action is determined to be necessary after the above findings, control of the deer population should be by non-lethal methods such as relocation or sterilization. If a lethal method is applied, the death of the deer must be as sudden and pain-free as possible with government sharpshooters doing the killing. Placer County officials seem to have ignored the question if the deer population is in fact a health/safety problem but, rather, seem to look upon a juvenile deer hunt as entertainment. Kudos to Supervisor Kirk Uhler for furthering such a surreal idea as a rural/urban deer hunt. He has provided me the incentive to shop locally in Nevada County where bullets and arrows are not flying around and therefore to not do my major monthly shopping in Placer County. JOAN BRIODY, Grass Valley