Steps to take to discourage dumping

Reader Input
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It is disgusting that people just dump stuff wherever they please (Journal, Jan. 19). However, neither APDS (Auburn Placer Disposal Service) nor the city and county do much to alleviate the situation. The rates for dumping at the Auburn transfer station are really high for large items, and rates are not consistent in the county. Taking things to the Lincoln transfer station costs much less — often enough to justify the additional gas and time. There are a couple of solutions I can see. One would involve a reduction of fees for large items to make it more attractive to dispose of them properly. A second would be at least four free days per year. To avoid huge lines, these days could be assigned by the area you live in to be proven by driver’s license address information. The best, however, is a practice we used gratefully in Salt Lake City. At least two times per year they allowed people to put anything out by the curb for free pick-up. Areas were assigned on a rotating basis. The only limitation involved toxic items and electronics. However, if properly handled, we could have more free days for this type of material also. All of this sounds expensive, but it is also very expensive to remove items spread all over the city and county in addition to being a safety hazard and just plain ugly. I would urge city and county officials, in conjunction with APDS, to work out some sort of disposal plans that would go a long way to discourage random dumping. Bob Namanny, Auburn