Steve & Cokie’s views slanted

Reader Input
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If you’re printing stuff by Cokie and Steven Roberts, please don’t put them under “Another View” (Journal, Sept. 25). Label it “Another Totally Biased, Slanted Mainstream Media View.”
Romney has a trust problem? What about all the lies Obama has told? He promised transparency: everything he’s done has been hidden from view and sprung on us. We’ll get to see legislation before it’s enacted. We don’t even know who wrote Obamacare and it was passed and enacted without even being read.
Cutting the deficit — well we all know the results of that promise! Those are just three of his many lies. He just says what he thinks people want to hear and I no longer believe anything the man says.
Now we’re being attacked around the world and he doesn’t bother to meet with the leader of one of our most important allies in the Middle East. He’s too busy schmoozing with celebs on TV, instead.
With no budget (for three years), horrible deficits and huge tax problems looming in a few months, instead of doing their jobs, he and the do-nothing Congress have all gone off to campaign.
It’s bad enough that we have to endure the biased, slanted data and outright lies on TV and radio, but to have to read them in the local paper as “Another View” is really too much. I pray the “Silent Majority” will rise up and vote. If not, we are doomed.
Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines