Steve Jobs is missed

Reader Input
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I can only hope Apple (computer) stays the way it is or gets better. The Apple Company will most likely either go bankrupt or get close to bankruptcy in the future. If the Apple Company goes bankrupt again, they might not get back to being a very prosperous company. Microsoft will most likely become the new Apple Company. If Apple goes out of business, I hope Microsoft takes Apple’s place. With Steve Jobs gone, Apple is a weaker company. I hope that some person can finish what Jobs started and go beyond that. If Steve Wozniak and Donald Wayne came back, Apple might be able to be an even more successful company. I believe if Steve and Donald come back, they will change Apple’s future for sure. I like Apple and all their products. Apple has made life easier through technology so Steve Jobs accomplished his goal for his company. Steve Jobs has changed gaming, listening to music, reading and searching for information on the Web forever. I will always remember Steve Jobs as a visionary. ETHAN WARREN, student, Auburn