Stick to facts, not buzzwords

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Ah, yes: Hate speech! The latest irrational buzzword to condemn another human being — when facts and reason won’t suffice. Thank you Gary Vogt (Reader Input, Dec. 14) for again proving that “hate speech” accusations are the last refuge of the factually destitute. Thanks for labeling my boycott-China letter “hate speech,” and then sumptuously parading for all to see your ignorance of China and your shallow knowledge of the world in general. Religious tolerance in China? Tell that to the families of Christians who have been imprisoned and executed for preaching the gospel. Atheist nations don’t attack other nations? Tell that to the people of 12 Eastern European nations that Russia invaded, conquered and brutalized for 45 years. Tell that to the Tibetans, whom China invaded, conquered, persecuted, killed and displaced. China has less drug offenses? Tell that to your kid or nephew who would face execution for marijuana. China has one-third the murder rate of America? Tell that to the 35 million of its own people that the atheist Chinese Communists have murdered since coming to power in 1949. Tell that to the 3,000 Tienanmen protesters who died for the right to vote. Does Gary Vogt explain how China became a nation of males? Ultrasound to determine sex, then abort the girls? No. Too expensive. Leave the girl babies unattended, to die of heat, cold or thirst, because the parents want a boy. That’s a very long list of evils. It’s time to quit supporting evil. Quit buying anything from China. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista