Still opposed to Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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I disagree with Mr. (Jim) Conkey’s explanation of the “lawsuit process,” (Reader Input, May 30). Those opposed to the proposed Wal-Mart at the Bohemia retail project location have every right to pursue all available legal recourse in the event the project is approved by local government.  Mr. Cavolt referred to residents of Auburn opposing the project as “remnants.” I suppose that includes me, as I have lived in Auburn for 30 years. The Draft Environmental Impact Report for this project was over 1,800 pages long, quite detailed and technical, and was reviewable for comment by the public for only six weeks. The Final Environmental Impact Report will be available for public review for only 10 days, followed by public comment at only one planning commission meeting. The “remnants” voicing opinions against this project are much more than “a small surviving group.” We have spent an enormous amount of time and done an extreme amount of research to acquire information about this project. Lari L. Knedel, Auburn