Stop the blue bag madness!

Reader Input
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I have blue bags coming out my ears! The blue bag recycle program needs to be stopped. Even though I use the blue bags for recyclables every chance I get, I still have over 30 rolls cluttering up my garage. That’s 750 bags! Based on my usage of about 25 bags per year that’s enough to last me 30 more years. I have neighbors who don’t even know what the bags are for. They use them for garbage bags. Maybe we should all start doing the same thing to send Recology a message. The blue bag program does not teach people to recycle. I’ve watched people simply throw the rolls in the garbage immediately after they are delivered. How is this teaching residents to recycle? They are just adding to the landfill since the bags can’t even be recycled. We need a recycle program that doesn’t add to the landfill itself. I’d like to know who is profiting from this boondoggle. It’s certainly not us residents who are paying for the program with a mandatory fee each bill whether we want the bags or not. Maybe someone at the Journal could publicize who in the city council rejected the Placer Grand Jury’s request to stop the program so us residents can vote them out next election cycle. Eric Byer, Auburn