Stop bogus deer hunt

Reader Input
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We vehemently oppose the proposed special junior deer hunt or any dangerous lethal hunt in rural residential areas. If there is a deer problem, there are many solutions other than killing, maiming, wounding and subjecting residents to errant shots, whether it’s done by 12- to 17-year olds or adults. Just as disturbing are indications that statistics presented to the County Fish and Game Commission on June 24 were in error. The term “animal collision” was apparently changed to “deer-auto collision,” but both Placer County Public Works and the CHP state they do not keep statistics on “deer-auto collisions” — only on “animals.” It is this type of error or skewing that is unacceptable when there is a known controversial, multi-faceted problem. Facts must be impeccably correct. The County Fish and Game Commission possibly would have voted against a costly California Department of Fish and Game study had the correct words been used. Instead, they relied and voted on faulty information. Supervisors should immediately retract any reference to “deer-vehicle” collision data received from either Public Works or CHP and vote now to stop this proposal before it wastes any more taxpayer dollars. Katie Cather, Loomis