Stop Obama’s march to power

Reader Input
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First of all, Bob Velon, your letter was fantastic (“Obama on ballot illegally,” Reader Input, Aug. 10). Do you think people will start believing about Obama not a U.S. citizen? We also have to get rid of (Harry) Reid and (Nancy) Pelosi in order for us to have our Constitution back. Have you seen the cartoon of “The Three Stooges”? Guess who they are.
After seeing the so-called First Lady telling Gabby Douglas how wrong she is to go to McDonalds for a sandwich, as I said before, shut your mouth.
Senior citizens deserve the same health care choices that the Jackass is giving his friends, especially when he is threatening to take away our Medicare money and use it to pay for his government takeover of America’s health care system.
We have to stand up and stop Obama’s march toward dictatorial power. We are the U.S. of A. and we want to stay as a free, constitutional republic.
After watching the Republican Convention I can say it was fantastic. Everything they said was true even if the Democrats didn’t like it. Thank God we have the right to say what we want. Oh, by the way, Ann Romney was great. Her love for her family and country was not written on paper but came straight from her heart.
I don’t want to keep repeating but it doesn’t make any difference what color or religion we are. Don’t you remember our Democratic President Kennedy? He was a Catholic. I was a Democrat until Ronald Reagan, and then my mom, dad and I changed.
I have never been sorry.
Democrats keep saying nasty things about Mitt Romney not showing his tax papers. What about all the Democrats? Reid, Pelosi, Clinton and Obama have not done it. Well, you have heard the truth that Obama was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya, Africa. He has spent our money foolishly, put people out of work, and has not helped our veterans and people losing their homes. He wants illegals to vote so he can get back in office. He and his wife don’t care about the American people.
I have received phone calls and letters telling me to shut my mouth. Don’t you remember I live in the United States of America and I can say what I want? God bless America.
DEE NANN, Christian Valley