Stop Obama’s destructive ways

Reader Input
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Watching our flag being stomped on and burned was a very sad thing to see. Once again we can see that America is not respected in the Mideast ... but it was beyond words to see the caricature of our beautiful flag that Obama was so pleased to display! He has his logo in place of the stars, and sloppy red stripes in place of the red stripes. It truly is offensive. If you want to see what he wants to replace our flag with, go to “Obama campaign redesigns American flag.” You can also read the many different negative comments. Here’s one: “I can’t imagine anyone who considers themselves a patriot voting for Obama.” “This is so offensive,” another wrote. The comments are many, and I for one feel a sense of disrespect to our beautiful flag that we have displayed so proudly, and our brave men and women have fought to keep it flying over our free country. There are the thousands that have given their lives, and many that have come home wounded warriors knowing that they have fought a great fight to keep our country free! Who does Obama think he is, to want to replace it with that trash he calls a flag? Is this what he plans to do if he were in office another four years? We have a very short time not to let this happen! He wants to continue to destroy our country, and he is letting us know, by starting with destroying our flag, which shows that slowly, but surely, he will demoralize the American people. I am not talking about Democrats or Republicans, I am referring to us as Americans. We must stand together or we will fall for a man that has wanted to “reshape” America to the place where we won’t recognize it as the “Home of the free and the land of the Brave.” We have been so proud to be God-fearing Americans, let’s not have our country completely destroyed with another four years of Obama. Germans would not stop Hitler, because they didn’t think he could ever do the destruction that he accomplished. They didn’t stop him, and history has shown us what a power hungry person can do! Pray, pray, pray and trust God to give us His wisdom. ELLY DERR, Auburn