Stop public pension funding

Reader Input
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Some 10,000-plus Tea Party Patriots showed up on the steps of our state capital (and over 3-million nationally) last Thursday (April 15) to protest our current big government takeover. This was a testament to the power of great American patriots who love and will protect their country and the Constitution of the United States of America! Our country is in a financial crisis. Our public servants are overpaid and pensions are out of control. Social Security and Medicare and most union pensions (SEIU) are underfunded as people are living longer and jobs are cut. The truth must be told. We need to stop any future public employee pension programs and ask them to contribute to a 401(k) like the rest of us. Current recipients will continue to draw and those pensions fully vested will continue to gain value with the market, but stop any additional taxpayer contributions. You must know who is representing you at the local, state and national level. Hold them accountable to protect our Constitution and support a free market, limited government and fiscal responsibility or vote them out. United we stand. Terri King-Setz, Placer Tea Party Patriots coordinator, Rocklin