Stop stealing tea party signs

Reader Input
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I live in Loomis and have joined the Loomis Tea Party Patriots. I believe that our governments are on the wrong course — local to Washington D.C. I have been working in our booth at Loomis Family Nights trying to educate folks about what we stand for — fiscal responsibility, smaller government and free trade. We are an educational nonprofit and live and die by donations. I have been treated horribly by some folks, but I will continue the good fight. We’re starting a yard sign program to let people know when and where we meet. The signs are $5 each. But some of the folks of Loomis think it is OK to steal these signs. I have had to replace mine at the end of my driveway at least five times. You can not like the tea party, but to steal other folks’ property is not acceptable. This is still the U.S.A. and freedom of speech still exists. To you folks out there who are against the tea party, that’s all right, but stop stealing our personal property. Theft is theft. DEBBIE SHORES, Loomis