Stop talking and do something

Reader Input
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In our leaders we have the following: They are the far right and the far left, most of which are all far out. These all seem to wait to hear what the radio and television pundits that pass themselves off as news have to say about any and all issues. Our leaders are in a standoff mode and thus get very little accomplished. We should ask a few important questions of each of the groups. “Do you think the other side is going to go away,” or, “Do you think the other side is going to agree and go along with you from pressure?” These two far-out groups that we have in control are hamstrung and just exist for each other and to keep the loud-mouth pot-stirring wealthy garbage-mouthed radio and television clowns in business and raking in the cash while we sit and see little getting done. I, for one, have many well meaning friends on both sides, all of which I feel sorry for as they are the real victims of society’s ills. I could say much more but will just be quiet for now. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn