Stop whining about $10 fee

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I have watched for years the abuse of the areas surrounding the American River, as it has been a dumping ground for trash, household appliances, mattresses, etc., and periodical cleanups by (Eric) Peach and (Gordon) Ainsleigh and friends of the rivers and the Dept. of Rec. aided with helicopters, using nets for the trash and I cannot in my wildest imagination estimate the cost of the cleanup. 

All of those involved have had a thankless job, year after year of cleaning up after all of those who claim to love the river. 

OK! Love it and leave it clean when you leave. I feel that it’s high time people need to help contribute to the cost of keeping the river a clean and safe recreation area, and $10 a day per vehicle is cheap — compared to the cost of going to the movies with a family. 

I’d say quit complaining and enjoy the river, one of God’s blessings. 

Frances Hare, Weimar