Stoplights still atrocious

Reader Input
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How many people does it take it screw in a stoplight bulb? If anyone has ever been in the Raley’s shopping center area off the Foresthill exit then you’ll know what I’m talking about. For as long as I can remember, the stoplights there, and in the few blocks surrounding the area, have been utterly atrocious. You can never see when the light turns green (or, like one of our police officers found out) turns red and you go through the intersection anyway, creating upset drivers and almost causing an accident. We are so caught up trying to fix the big things in town that we forget about the little things until it falls in our lap causing everyone to begin the chain of command of the blame game. We can shut down all but one lane of I-80 night after night, have intersections remodeled on Lincoln Way and build shopping centers that barely anyone goes to on Highway 49 and Luther, yet we can’t take the time to fix a few stoplights. In reality it wouldn’t take that long to replace the bulbs in the stoplights and save a whole lot of grief in the future and yet, here we are keeping our head in the sand trying to put off the problem as long as possible. If this task were something our boss told us to do, we would have been fired a long time ago because it remains there untouched. No matter how you spin it the only ones seeing red are residents of Auburn, because the police sure aren’t. Ala Navratil, Auburn