Streetscape ups appearance

Reader Input
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Re: “Streetscape phase 2,” (Journal, Oct. 14): I think all of this remodeling in the city is good. I have lived in the city for almost seven years and I never thought that this city was as nice as other cities. I have lived in Los Angeles for about five years, and I always thought it was the prettiest city ever. I think with all this remodeling Auburn will look as nice as Los Angeles or even Orlando. I always thought because it was a small town Auburn did not have to look like a small town. I love Auburn and because they are remodeling the city it will look even prettier. But, also, you have to think about who is going to pay for this, although most of the money is getting paid by the Auburn Development Agency. Some of it still is coming from the taxpayers’ pocket. I think that it is a good idea. BLAKE VAN DYKE, Auburn