Striking nurses out of touch

Reader Input
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Re: “Nurses set to strike”? (Journal, Sept. 21). It never ceases to amaze me at how shortsighted and selfish union members are. Do they not understand that closing the birthing center at Sutter Auburn Faith was a business decision based on lack of enough patients using said center? Is the hospital supposed to keep running a center that isn’t profitable? How would that keep nurses employed? As for having to pay for some of their own health insurance and not getting a pension (but, getting to participate in a 401k plan), I say “welcome to the real world, the one that most workers live in, not one that union workers enjoy.” In this fragile economy, you might think that the nurses would be grateful to have a job at all, and not be whining and threatening to strike. What a shame — it is the nurses who are threatening patient care, not the hospitals. Donna McCloskey, Auburn