Student leaders remain upbeat about school

By: Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer
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Placer High student leaders say they’re seeing a renewed spirit at the school that should help Placer over the forfeit crisis. Laurel Odom, senior class vice president, said that the controversy has caused plenty of drama at the school but before the issue cropped up, students were already getting behind the football team and Placer. “The atmosphere is different this year,” Odom said. “We really want to keep the idea of tradition alive at Placer. We have such an old school, so much has happened here, and we’ve been creating new traditions and trying to revive the old traditions that have been lost.” The forfeit has actually brought the student body closer together, she said. Danielle Ferretti, Associated Student Body president, said that, for seniors, the team was on its way to the best season and students were focusing on the game. That was evidenced by a huge student rooting section at home games, she said. The forfeits didn’t take away from the success of the school on the field, Ferretti said. “We know we won those games,” she said. Mary Cait Hogan, rally commissioner, said students have put the “bad press” from the forfeit behind them. “The people holding on are the adults,” she said. “We’ll remember the games.” Kierstin Gray, student body vice president, said the school will be moving forward with other activities in the coming months to continue to make the year a special one. “We’re constantly having some project taking place – not just for sports,” Gray said, noting that clubs are gaining more interest and plans are taking place for an Earth Week. The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at