Stupid drivers come in all ages

Reader Input
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Interesting articles and letters about senior drivers. In December 2009 I was returning to work on my lunch break. I left Target and was first in line to turn left or straight to Kmart parking. Two elderly ladies were next to me in the left-turn -only lane. The light changes and I am turning left. They were heading straight. Bam! They ran into the backside of my truck. No one was hurt. Three months ago I was on Highway 49 south. A senior driver pulled out of a driveway and crossed two clear lanes into the center lane. The 35 mph truck then started to move over in front of a 65 mph truck in the lane next to me. The fast truck slammed into the slow truck which slammed my truck sending it across five lanes of Highway 49. Now, to any drivers who were the first to come upon the accident, you might want to thank the Lord and your lucky stars that the Dry Creek Road signal did not turn green moments earlier. That gray truck would have hit some of you. There’s another age group that’s a problem on the road. It’s the age group from the seniors down through the 16-year-olds. It’s everyone else on the road. It’s so stupid that so many drivers break the law — not buckling up, not following the speed limits, cell phone use and texting while driving, not coming to a complete stop at stop signs, etc. If parents are driving and breaking the law they are showing their kids that it is OK to break the law. Shame on them. How stupid can you be? SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn