Subsidies are costing us

Reader Input
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We need to protect our children from the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. Over the last 40 years, childhood obesity has quadrupled. Taxpayers are subsidizing unhealthy food by allowing major agribusinesses to mass-produce corn and soy. These crops are used to produce processed foods that are unhealthy and cheaper than fruits and vegetables, which are the foundation of a healthy diet. As prices for fruits and vegetables have risen, so has our consumption of cheap junk foods and sugary drinks. By cutting unhealthy subsidies, we can address the crisis of obesity as well as reduce waste of taxpayer dollars. The California Public Interest Research Group is fighting to end taxpayer subsidies of these crops that lead to childhood obesity. With the help of the people of the Sacramento (region), we can end unhealthy lifestyles. Call your senator to advocate against childhood obesity by ending the taxpayer funding of subsidies for big agribusinesses. Amanda Wilson, Sacramento