Suburban Propane closes Colfax facility

Recent fuel burnoff prompted concerns about waste
By: Staff Report
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Suburban Propane has closed its Colfax facility as part of a consolidation of services in Grass Valley. The Grass Valley location provides increased storage capabilities, according to center manager Marty Morris. “By taking care of all of our customers in the region from one central location, we can be more efficient, and more responsive to individual customer needs,” Morris said in a press release. …”By operating out of a single, modernized facility, we’ve improved our drivers’ ability to back up one another. That’s especially important when we have periods of below-average temperatures, or sudden snowstorms like the recent one.” Customers in the southern part of the county will continue to be served through the storage facility in Auburn. As part of the closing of the Colfax location, the company recently burned off fuel during relocation of the storage tanks, which brought concerns of wastefulness. “We appreciate their concerns, but the truth is that when we need to take a tank out of service, we do everything we can to extract as much liquid fuel as possible,” Morris said. “However, there’s always residual vapor that just cannot be extracted by any practical means. Since it is unsafe to release a large volume of propane vapor into the atmosphere, the vapors are combusted in a controlled fashion to minimize risk and exposure. That’s the standard in the industry, and that’s what happened here. We hope that clears up any misunderstanding.” The new Grass Valley facility is located at 12575 Charles Drive, in the Loma Rica Business Park off Brunswick Drive. An open house will be held May 13 and 14.