Supervisor's efforts obviously for show

Reader Input
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Welcome aboard, Ms. (Jennifer) Montgomery. Where were you when the board of supervisors approved this ill-advised site use and welcomed into our community a presence we had once successfully fought to keep out? Where were you when APACE first made its legal challenges? Interesting that your new interest so closely coincides with the election cycle. Naturally, I hope you will now do all you can to slow or prevent Wal-Mart?s presence in our town so that our downtown does not risk becoming a ghost town like so many other small downtowns in the United States when Wal-Mart moves in. However, your interest is so obviously politically motivated that you have lost my vote. We need supervisors who have the interests of the community above political ambition and who don?t show up for a fight just when it might look good in the polls. Robert Namanny, Auburn