Supervisors sell out citizens

Reader Input
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We have really been had this time. We elect our supervisors thinking that they will represent and protect our county, thinking that they will preserve our area and lifestyle. I was driving through the Auburn area just the other day on Highway 49 and got totally disgusted at the heavy traffic with the ill-timed lights. After taking nearly 30 minutes to get from the freeway to Dry Creek, I wondered what it will be like when we get the “Big Box Monster” store. From all the latest news it sounds like we will have it shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. Well, here is one unhappy camper that will avoid the area like the plague. We now hear that the un-elected supervisor is going to make a run for election in his district. This guy just keeps hanging around like a dirty shirt. For the most part I see the supervisors as dangerous to our lives. Disgusted. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn