Supes don’t cite true pot facts

Reader Input
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I was extremely disappointed to see the vote made by the county supervisors to ban medicinal marijuana outlets in Placer County (Journal, Jan. 29). Obviously none of them have watched a loved one suffering from the after-effects of chemo or radiation. Being able to eat can make the difference between life and death and the ability to continue on the therapy plan instead of just giving up. The reasons given are bogus and unjustified. How many studies have there been? I really don’t believe that people forge IDs and doctor recommendations because even if they did, the stores verify and do not sell to anyone who is not verified. Hanging around the store? I don’t see that at the Colfax store. In fact the only ones I’ve ever seen there hanging around are the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. They aren’t there to buy. Every place I’ve ever heard of has well-trained security staff to discourage any illegal activities and for the safety of their clients. No one wants to be “86ed” and they follow the rules. Increased crime? I doubt it. It in fact, it makes the entire area around the stores safer and they get overflow business to boot. Boo on our supes! Shawn Weaver, Foresthill