Supply school choice — now

Reader Input
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James McKesson is right (Reader Input, Journal, Jan. 15). We are being ripped off by academic elitists. For too long federal and state departments of education, in cahoots with the teachers’ unions, have had a stranglehold on American education. As administrative costs rise and test scores fall, it’s time to again consider school choice, infusing competition into our educational system. Vouchers for legal citizens with school-age children, invested in private, as well as government schools, will result in higher test scores, better teachers, fewer dropouts and a better-educated populace. School choice will weed out the bad from the good in many ways. Quality and true value always win over government-imposed sanctions. Teaching is still a noble profession. That many dedicated teachers must purchase school supplies out of their own pockets, while administrators sit at their desks plotting how to spend so they can demand more, is unconscionable. As a citizen, I long to see some investigative reporting on the real costs of school administration vs. the dollars that reach teachers and students. Beryl Smith, Auburn