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Reader Input
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I would like to thank the Placer County League of Women?s Voters, Auburn?s American Association of University Women and the Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center for hosting the Measure A debate on May 3. I think Measure A presents the City of Auburn with a unique opportunity to take back control from the state legislature and place it in the hands of our city council who are elected by us to represent us. This is not a power grab; it is an empowerment of our local representatives. Auburn is a small community that has unique issues such as fire control. The state legislature represents the large, densely populated cities and makes decisions based upon those population bases. That is not Auburn! Over the years our city council has demonstrated fiscal responsibility. Unlike the cities of Bell, Vallejo, Stockton etc. the citizens of Auburn are engaged in the governing of the city. Abuses do not just happen in charter cities; they happen in cities where the citizens are not engaged. Measure A affords the citizens of Auburn a greater role in the governing of the city. Please join me, our current leaders, the Chamber of Commerce and its members, and local volunteers in supporting local control by voting yes on Measure A. BARBARA JICHA, Auburn