Support newspapers, preserve democracy

Reader Input
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First, to Raymond Whitall (Reader Input, May 22), I write to the Journal primarily to successfully debunk all that right-wing silliness out there. And also to get people thinking about things I find important. I appreciate your argument and am impressed with the work involved. If I may be so bold, a man of your intellectual rigor should not be in jail. What I want to write about is a call for the people of Auburn to help save democracy. I think it was Jefferson who said that you need to have an educated, informed electorate in order to have a democracy. We are living in an era of contracting newspapers. Dozens have folded all across the country. It seems all papers are economizing, cutting staff and cutting back on features. Large city papers like the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle have talked of folding completely. Even the Sacramento Bee has compressed much of its output. Newspapers started in this country with small local papers like the Auburn Journal. (See Benjamin Franklin). These small papers are the backbone of their communities. They keep us informed of what is happening in our local area, city council activities, commissions, schools, police, as well as local sports and recreation. This is all stuff you can’t find elsewhere, easily. To save democracy, we all need to support our local papers, the Journal, the Colfax Record, the Loomis paper. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I apologize. If you live near the paper, subscribe. If you have a business here, advertise. I know nothing of the economic stability of these papers, but it behooves us to keep them healthy. Clifford Lanxner Applegate,