Support schools this better way

Reader Input
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The voters of the Auburn Union Elementary School District (AUESD) rejected Measure L, a proposal to impose a parcel tax on the taxpayers, on Nov. 2. Following the rejection, several well-meaning persons advocated that the supporters of Measure L contribute to AUESD what the measure would have raised on each day they pay their property tax. I believe this is a bad idea. The AUESD is no more likely to spend money wisely if the money is acquired voluntarily from donations than if the money is extracted involuntarily as taxes. A better idea is to contribute to the Auburn Education Foundation. The money donated to the foundation is spent for education of children who attend AUESD schools. No money is diverted from the cost of education to pay the inflated bureaucracy and administrative salaries of the district, the county, the state, or the country. DAN SOKOL, Auburn