Support small, local businesses

Reader Input
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Re: “Wal-Mart and more needed,” (Reader Input, Peggy Impala, June 10), and I quote: “I have been shopping here when we go to the stores we do have and they are out of what we need and (sic) are forced to go to Roseville.”
I, Dale Smith will always be a local shopper. Only on the really big items will I do comparative shopping and get the product for less, locally — 90 percent of the time.
Only a small business has a large, positive local economy effect. One-hundred new small business employees add: 351 more people; 79 more school children; 97 more families; $490,000 more bank deposits; one more retail establishment; $565,000 more retail sales per year and $1,036,000 more personal income per year.
“Small businesses give more in charity to community service organizations per employee than large businesses,” according to the SBA’s Office of Advocacy. “Small firms tend to target their donations to direct service providers.”
Americans spend $36 million at Wal-Mart every hour, every day. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and they did this in only 15 years when 31 big supermarket chains sought bankruptcy. Wal-Mart will kill Bel Air, Safeway, SaveMart and stop Costco. You want that, Peggy?
Mega-retail discount chains, in their race for demographic and marketing supremacy in each region, after influencing the closing of small retailers in the area, then compete over the leftover consumer “bones.” How sad. Don’t forget 10,000 new trips a day on Highway 49.
Dale Smith, Auburn