Support those who served

Reader Input
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On Nov. 11 we will again be celebrating Veterans Day. The citizens of Auburn and Placer County have embraced this celebration with a wonderful parade. I hope that all residents will come out and watch marching bands, drill teams, floats and, last but not least, veterans from all eras. The honored unit this year is the Vietnam veterans. I urge all Vietnam era veterans to come out and walk down Lincoln Way. It will bring a tear to your eye and also bring you a long overdue dose of pride and satisfaction. Finally, come out and salute our younger veterans. We are at war. The military is an afterthought to most people. We just lost a young man in conflict. They need to see your support. P.S.: My son, Capt. Paul M. Webber, USMC, just returned from his fourth deployment. The last tour was in Afghanistan. He’s safe, a little worse for wear. Larry P. Webber, Lincoln, USN, Vietnam, 1966-1969