Supports Bob Houston for District 5 supervisor

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I would like to encourage people to vote for Bob Houston for Placer County District 5 supervisor on June 3. My husband and I have lived and worked in Placer County for 47 years. Our daughters were raised here and now are raising their children in our county. As a former teacher, school principal and district assistant superintendent, children and families have been a major part of my life. Having known Bob for nearly 20y years and sharing three grandsons with Bob and his wife, Arlene, I know how he values family and community and the great importance they have in his life. Bob is not seeking this position because he has larger political aspirations, nor is he seeking this position for the compensation, for he is not taking a salary. Bob is seeking this position for the reason that matters to me the most — to work toward making Placer County a better place to live for his children, his grandchildren, and for future generations. Bob and his business have already made a significant mark in this community. In working with state agencies, he secured nearly $2 million for Hidden Falls Regional Park, $1.5 million for the soon-to-be-developed North Fork Trail, and funding for Auburn Recreation District’s Regional Park and downtown Auburn’s School Park Preserve. With these efforts, combined with Bob’s considerable working knowledge about state and local government, I can think of no person better qualified to serve the people of Placer County in this position. Audrey Mueller Auburn