Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital nears completion of renovations

Community helping support new services
By: Alex Mecredy Auburn Journal correspondent
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Still going strong after 46 years, the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital is making improvements to its facility to accommodate more patients and offer better care. The hospital originally had just 50 beds for patients. With the new expansion there are now 105 beds available, and renovations are currently under way to make those beds private rooms. In addition, the hospital has expanded to accommodate more types of patients and their conditions. Now in place is the Women?s Imaging Center, which includes two-dimensional digital mammography, and the cardiac catheterization and vascular lab. Already completed is a new sign in front of the hospital and an electronic display that faces Highway 49. Coming soon to the Sutter Auburn Faith hospital is an expansion to the infusion therapy center, bringing in eight more infusion stations than before and a fourth room into the endoscopy center. ?By building a fourth room it will allow us to deliver care in a more timely and efficient manner. This fourth room is just another example of our growth,? said Danny Yen in gastroenterology. Yen explained that he has seen increasingly more patients traveling to Sutter in Auburn from surrounding areas because they are able to see patients with a shorter wait time. ?The volume of endoscopy work has grown tremendously,? CEO Mitch Hanna said. The cost of the renovations was not small but the Auburn community has greatly contributed their own funds to help support the growth of the hospital. ?The total cost of this work is about 22 million dollars, about 10 percent of which was raised through the community,? Hanna said. Thanks to help and support throughout the community, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital remains and continues to expand to provide better treatment in a timely manner.