Sutter Auburn Faith nursing supervisor named Healthcare Employee of the Year

Shirley Corbett will be honored at State of the Community dinner
By: Jenna Nielsen, Journal Staff Writer
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Shirley Corbett can't walk 15 steps down Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital's corridors without hearing, Hey Shirley, How's it going Shirley? The administrative nursing supervisor is known throughout the hospital's hallways and floors. The staff here is just so amazing, you can't help it, Corbett said of knowing all the names and faces throughout Sutter. They are the most wonderful staff in the world. It is not like I am the supervisor and they are the workers ” they are all a team. Corbett has worked at Sutter for the past 27 years, and is this year's recipient of the Healthcare Employee of the Year Award. The honor will be bestowed upon her at this year's State of the Community Dinner. I was overwhelmed when I found out, Corbett said. It was the first time I had felt that speechless since I was told I had made Lieutenant Colonel (in the Air Force) two years ahead of schedule. Corbett works to keep hospital operations in order during the night shift. We make the administrative decisions for the hospital after hours, Corbett said. During the course of an eight-hour shift, we make hospital rounds about four times ” figuring out where our patients are and how much staff we have. This year's dinner, which includes a state of the community report from county, city and chamber officials, and a prestigious awards presentation, will take place April 18 at The Ridge Golf Course. Auburn-area residents who have contributed to the arts, education, agriculture and healthcare ” as well as one city and county employee ” will be honored, along with a long-standing business that has contributed to the community and the McCann Award winner. Corbett grew up in Tennessee and attended college at the University of Knoxville in 1960, where she received a degree in nursing. In 1961, she was commissioned into the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant. During the late ˜60s, she was a flight nurse helping bring home many casualties during the Vietnam War. Corbett attended the University of Tucson, Arizona in 1973 and left active duty following 14 years in the service. In 1990, she was activated to Desert Storm for seven months. When she returned home in 1991, she retired as a colonel after 30 years of service. Some of us refer to her as ˜The Colonel,' said Barbara Lagud, staffing supervisor at Sutter Auburn Faith. Shirley is just a blast to work with. She knows how to cross all her ˜t's' and dot her ˜i's' and still have a lot of fun. Mindy Danovaro, executive director of the Sutter Auburn Faith Foundation, said the choice for this year's healthcare employee was an easy one. She is just amazing, Danovaro said. She is one of the most compassionate, dedicated, hard-working people you will ever want to meet in your entire life. Corbett said she will be bringing her boyfriend, a Tennessee soybean farmer to the dinner. And though she will be having minor surgery a few days before, she has her dress and shoes already picked out. It is just so exciting, Corbett said. I can't wait. The Journal's Jenna Nielsen can be reached at or comment on this story at