Swallows welcome to join good life on the river

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Fret no more swallow lovers and fear not that odious, acidic plop on your copper dome dear Placer Courthouse lovers. The mighty cliff swallow lives on and is welcomed with open wings by its country cousins living the good life on the American River beneath the graceful arches of the Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge, also a dignified structure of national stature. Exquisitely crafted mud nests hang with honor and dignity beneath the concrete arches of this powerful icon of human-engineered Placer County history. What a wonderful choice to take up residence where history and wild adventure come together. Come to the river Mighty Courthouse swallows. Your zippy flights that combine so many twists, turns and somersaults have mesmerized the throngs of nature lovers picnicking on the beaches by the bridge or floating beneath the arches on a sticky hot summer afternoon river trip. In this time of Olympic obsession, your winged aerial acrobatics, darlings of the avian species, have earned you solid 10s to the delight of all, without performance enhancing drugs — just an occasional mosquito or mayfly. Poop, not a problem! Plop, plop, plop into the pine, willow and bay scented waters of the American River diluted for export to quench the thirsts of Sacramento and western Placer County. Best refrigerated though. Come Mighty Courthouse swallows. Join your country cousins. Gather on the wet sandy banks of the river with your dipper friends for a fresh hellgrammite larvae appetizer and chat with your yellow-breasted cousins from south of the border. Plead not your case in the hallowed halls of the Placer County judicial system for your gifts are not appreciated and may land you behind bars to boot. Your mortgage at the courthouse has ballooned, reversed, foreclosed. Scram while you can. Don’t ruin your credit. Join us nut and berry eating canyon-cave dwellers who delight in your aerial antics. Simplify! Come into the light of the American River Canyons. Let nature be your guide! Eric Peach Auburn