Swann shop indeed golden

Reader Input
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I am amazed at the ignorance of some (most) of the online comments regarding the robbery over the weekend at the Golden Swann. Those who think that the Golden Swann deserved to be robbed because they charge prices that are “over the market” are either totally unfamiliar with the service that the Swann provides in locating collectibles all over the world and bringing top-quality merchandise to Auburn or are out-of-touch with businesses that provide outstanding customer service and selection and are therefore relegated to shopping flea markets and garage sales for the rest of their lives. Ben (Asgharzadeh) and Margareta (Swann) offer the best customer service of any retail store in the greater Auburn area and are always willing to adjust their prices in order to be competitive regardless of whether you are shopping for a $25 gift or for a priceless and rare collectible. In addition to their outstanding customer service, Ben and Margareta have always been two of the most generous contributors in the area when it comes to donating money and/or merchandise for local charity fundraisers. Bottom line is: if you think that the Golden Swann deserved to be robbed, and in my opinion, no one does, you obviously don’t have any idea about the value the Swann contributes to its faithful customers and to the Auburn community. Downtown Auburn is fortunate to have the Golden Swann as one of its anchor stores. Richard Barber, Auburn