Switch out bowling alley, Wal-Mart

Reader Input
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I’ve read all the articles between Bohemia (retail project) and “the people” these last weeks. Although I side with Bohemia, I understand the justifiable concerns of the people, and feel a solution can be found. In this economy, we need the creation of jobs, both now and in the future. Many low- to median-income people in this area would benefit greatly from the creation of jobs and the everyday savings a Wal-Mart would bring to this area. Not everyone can afford Costco’s $50 a year membership, only to be able to buy in bulk. My solution to the “battle” is simple. Now that the Foothills Bowl property went back to the bank, and its future is up in the air, why can’t we relocate the bowling alley, along with a park, etc., to the current Bohemia site, and build a Wal-Mart on the Foothills Bowl site? It would create more revenue , being next to I-80, and eliminate excess congestion on Highway 49. Costco can look into another available property in the area. I’ve lived in Auburn 36 years, and although we all fight “change,” change is needed. Building a Wal-Mart here will not only benefit us, but our families in surrounding rural areas. Dawn York, Auburn