Sympathy for U.S. patients

Reader Input
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I sympathize with those patients of Dr. James Willis who have had their pain medication reduced due to Medicare cuts (Reader Input, Sept. 28). If these cuts result in the elimination of necessary and proven pain medication then they are not really cost-effective and they should be reinstated. However to lay this at the feet of the Obama administration is kind of a non sequitur. He is not the first nor the only one to seek ways to limit our skyrocketing medical costs. There are indeed excessive and unnecessary medical costs in our system, and whoever inhabits the White House would not be doing his job if he was not seeking ways to reduce them. I also have sympathy for those millions of hardworking non-medical patients out there who are unable to obtain or afford insurance and must do without health care altogether. I also sympathize with those who have gone through bankruptcy or lost their homes because they could not afford their excessive medical bills. I wonder if Dr. Willis does also. KIM BRYANT, Auburn