Take call safety into your own hands

Reader Input
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I get so outraged at the drivers who are still talking on their phones while driving, I wish they would be arrested on the spot. Where is their common sense? The research proves they are taking possibly life-threatening chances with their lives, maybe their children’s lives and my grandchildren’s lives. And, of course, it is illegal. However, as we know, talking and texting on phones or other devices are communication processes. Communication by definition is two-way. It requires someone to start the communication and someone to receive the communication. So? That means that when any of us get a call or text from someone using their device while driving — we can hang up. We can be polite and say I will not talk or text with you while you drive and then hang up! The rest of us who don’t talk or text while driving — we still have the power to make a change in the situation. Don’t respond to someone who is driving and talking or texting without a hands-free device. LindaLou Haines, Colfax