Take a closer look at Democrats’ tax problems

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Ranting Ron (Lowe) is at it again (Your Views, Feb. 5) blaming the GOP for no new taxes to ease the California budget. I suggest he think about who was in charge when the money was flowing freely and being wasted. No mention of the Obama appointees who did not pay tax, but since they are liberal Dems that seems to be OK. Where are Screaming Jack, Bleating Jim and Ranting Ron about the “I made a tax mistake” appointees? How many more non-taxpayers are there in our new transparent government? Where is the outrage about Pelosi and the waste in the new stimulus package? — Oh yeah, that’s the liberal agenda. It is only taxpayer money — let’s spend it.  Maybe we should just impeach Bush even without evidence and that will solve all. Ranting, bleating and screaming: Why is it Obama and the majority of Dems in Congress are not demanding impeachment? Maybe they know something you don’t.  Mike Michaelsen Auburn