Take pity on the little birds

Reader Input
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Responding to “Rescue group’s heart is the in wild” by Bridget Jones (Journal, Feb. 20), while many loving volunteers at Gold Country Wildlife Rescue take care of, rehabilitate and release rescued animals back into the wild, including raptors and small birds, millions of birds on their migration to the Mediterranean face certain death through barbaric practices, especially in Italy. Birds include endangered and protected species, lovely songbirds, golden orioles, flycatchers, skylarks, finches, storks, woodcocks, spotted eagles and many more. They are lured by “songbird recordings” and trapped in almost invisible nets. They are enticed to perch on colorful sticks, placed in low trees, coated with a sticky gum of the Syrian plum. After being stuck by their feet, wings, and/or beaks, they suffer untold agonies until killed by their heartless captors. The reason? Tradition, sport, target shooting, trophy hunting, thrill of the kill, love of weapons, sign of “virility” and big business! Restaurants advertise birds as “ambelopoulia” and “polenta e osei” (polenta with little birds). My heart rejoices each day when I awake to the song and chatter of little birds. How could anyone with a soul kill little creatures in such a barbaric way? Is our world getting more savage, less loving and civilized, with self-gratification the only thing that matters? Mechelle Buhan, Auburn